GRANELL DARKOFFEE Wine&Food is the perfect sinergy of tasting speciality coffee, fine wines and good food.


Motto:  “ Enjoy good mornings since the Big-Bang ,,


• The MISSION of GRANELL DARKOFFEE is to transform the good mornings flavour into a happy day with one magic coffe cup. 

Our VISION is to disrupting life in the universe by making people creative, happy and connected. 


1.We SHARE the light in a ''Dream cup''. 

2.MASIVE ACTIONS in all we do for our clients. 

3.PARTNERSHIP because we have PARTNERS no colleagues in our organizational culture. 

4. INNOVATION is part of the DNA of our existential and organizational culture. 

5. COURAGE is the No. 1 quality of all our employees, customers, entrepreneurs, partners, investors and shareholders. 


6. BALANCE on all levels: Mindset, Soul set, Heart set, Health set. 


7. RESPECT makes all our actions a desideratum and of the relations undertaken with all our shareholders.